Up to $5,600 in Greener Home Renovation Grants!

Maximize Your Rebates!
Greener Homes Grant: Up to $5,600
CleanBC Better Homes: Up to $7,300
Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate: Up to $5,000

Home Efficiency Rebate Plus Announcement

The Government of Canada Announces Canada Greener Homes Initiative Delivery Across Ontario with Enbridge Gas

Greener Home Rebates

Canadian homeowners can use the Canadian Greener Homes Grant to improve insulation in their home by widening insulation coverage in any of the following: crawl space, basement, ceiling/attic, exposed floors, or exterior walls. By investing in insulation, there will not only be financial benefits but you will also see improvements in the heat loss rate of your home. This will result in a more energy efficient environment for you and your whole family. We use a system that measures the insulation’s resistance to heat flow. The higher the resistance level, the more beneficial it is to your home because it means heat is transferring through insulation materials slowly. Using the levels measured, our expert energy advisors will give you the incentive’s calculation and provide recommendations of improvements for insulation throughout your home.

It is important to note that all equipment used for insulation must be bought in Canada, and purchases made online are only eligible if ordered from a Canadian distributor

A retrofit strategy to improve the energy efficiency of your home will likely start by reducing air that is allowed to leave the house. Our energy experts will provide you with a report which will give you a target to increase the tightness of the air in your home. The lower your current value is, the more favourable your grant will be. Typically, air-sealing professionals are hired to help with high levels of tightness in your home’s air.

The average Canadian household spends over 60% of its energy on heating – largely due to the country’s cold climate. Switching to more energy-efficient heating equipment, such as heat pumps, will help you lower your environmental impacts and reduce your utility bills. Over the course of a product’s lifetime, the cost of energy to operate it is just as important as the upfront price, if not more so.

An electrically-driven device, a heat pump extracts heat from a low-temperature place and delivers it to an area with a higher temperature. In a moderate climate, relying on a heat pump to heat or cool your home is effective. In colder climates, a “cold climate” heat pump” is more effective as the need for supplemental heat sources is reduced.

There are a number of energy-efficiency upgrades you can make to your home’s windows. By upgrading the windows in your home and replacing the frames, you can invest in Energy-Star certified products that will make your home more comfortable and reduce the amount of energy needed for cooling or heating.

For more information on certified windows and inserts click here.

The Canada Greener Homes Initiative gives homeowners the chance to obtain a grant for installing technology with solar renewable energy such as solar panels. This type of energy uses energy derived from natural processes that replenish faster or at an equal rate than consumed. Solar photovoltaic technology converts sunlight into electricity directly. You could be eligible for reimbursement for a part of the costs of installing batteries that store the solar energy you created. This is granted by the Climate Resiliency Grants.

You Qualify if You…

  • Are a homeowner of a detached, semi-detached, row house, or mobile home.
  • Are the primary resident of the home.
  • Had both a before and after energy assessment.
  • Complete at least one eligible energy up-grade renovation.
  • Have all receipts of energy upgrades and can provide copies

  • Have a pre-retrofit evaluation performed after Dec. 01, 2020.

How it Works…

  1. Have one of our professionals at ER Energy Solutions perform a pre-retrofit evaluation before you begin eligible upgrades.
  2. Complete the upgrades you choose.
  3. To confirm the upgrades, we will perform a post-retrofit evaluation.
  4. $600 of the evaluation costs are refunded, included in the $5,600 maximum.
  5. Upload your receipts to the Greener Homes Portal.
  6. Between 90-120 days after the homeowner uploads their records to the greener homes portal, a grant cheque is mailed.

Greener Homes

As part of our work, we are committed to ensuring Greener Homes reaches diverse Canadians including those living in remote and northern communities and those with limited internet access. For more information on Greener Homes click here.

Clean BC

We’re taking the next big step on our continent-leading CleanBC plan and introducing new measures, so that we can meet our emissions reduction targets for 2030 and reach net zero by 2050. For more information on CleanBC click here.

Enbridge Home
Energy Rebate

The Home Efficiency Rebate can help lower your energy costs and make it more comfortable year-round. Get up to $5,000 in rebates for insulation, air sealing, new windows/doors, water heaters, boilers, furnaces and home energy assessments. For more information on Enbridge Rebates click here.

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